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The main products  >>Micro mist   >>Ultrasonic wave   >>Dry fog type >>Electrode type  >>Wet film  >>Central air conditioner  >>Nozzle  >>Dehumidifier
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  micro-mist humidification machine
>>Printing industry
>>Electronics industry
>>Textile industry
>>Chemical fiber industry
>>Cold storage
>>Humidification machine features
  >>Application of dust removal industry
  >>Facility and office >>Grain flour industry
  >>Ceramic industry >>Pipeline humidifying
  >>Tobacco industry >>Explosion proof
  >>Mushroom cultivation >>In addition to static
  Ultrasonic humidification machine
>>Printing industry
>>Electronics industry
>>Textile industry
>>Dedicated computer room ultrasonic
  >>In addition to electrostatic special ultrasonic
>>Cold storage for ultrasonic
>>Facility and office for ultrasonic
>>Tobacco industry-specific
>>Mushroom cultivation industry special
>>Advantages and characteristics
Humidifying air conditioner
>>Low plant dedicated
>>Computer manufacturing industry for
  Humidifying nozzle
>>Low plant dedicated
>>Facility and office of special
>>Characteristics and uses
Electrode type humidifier
>>Special purification workshop
>>The hospital wards for
>>Operation room
>>In addition to electrostatic special
  Humidification cooling system
>>For the textile industry
>>Printing industry-specific
>>Electronic industry-specific
  >>Ceramic industry-specific
Central air conditioners
>>Electronic industry-specific
>>Printing industry-specific
>>For the textile industry
>>Ceramic industry-specific
>>Electronic industry-specific
>>Printing industry-specific
>>For the tobacco industry
>>Venues, office dedicated
  >>Food, food industry-specific
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Hongyuan Electric Group Company
Xu total:13902697820
Address: South Road and two street
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National high and new technology enterprises
The production of leading enterprises.
Has authorized 16state patents
ISO9001:2000Quality certification enterprises.
Won the " China quality credit first brand" and" China top brand well-known humidification machine
As the listing Corporation" Guangdong Hongyuan Group subsidiary company"
The company production of industrial humidification machine, dehumidifier has been in more than 1600 domestic and international use
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