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  Humidification machine manufacturing

To create the new revolution of dehumidifier
  This product is widely used in the engine room ( pharmaceutical, electric power, telecommunications ), workshop warehouse ( electronics, footwear, clothing, food, tobacco, leather, glass paper ), file management ( banking, public security, museums, government agencies ).

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This product for the refrigeration dehumidifier. The fan is pumped into the moist air, through the freezing evaporator is condensed into water, bringing together within the container or drain away water pipes and drainage. Dry air from the air outlet through the condenser 's exhaust, and humidity gradually decreased.

  Method of selection:
  1.According to the temperature and humidity requirements, determine moisture content > 9g / Kg, water content of < 9g / Kg selection runner dehumidifier
2.The first step; the user should determine the location and the dehumidification room temperature, humidity, but also provide the dehumidification air conditioning machine room air or dehumidifying room is long, wide, high dimension and ventilating quantity of fans.
Second step: according to the above parameters are calculated by dehumidifying room required dehumidification amount, or the local region required for dehumidifying capacity.
Note: the dehumidifying capacity calculation formula is as follows: ( air absolute moisture content can be numerically from the moisture content of check ) dehumidifying capacity = air proportion (1.2) * * ( the amount of fresh air dehumidification air absolute moisture content - the dehumidified air absolute humidity ) / 1000
3.Multiple diagonal uniform placement, better effect.
  Product features:

·Automatic control of more than 30% to 90% below the humidity.
·Automatic display of more than 30% to 90% below the current humidity.
·Working temperature of 5degrees - 38degrees Celsius,15 degrees Celsius in the low temperature environment, automatic control of defrosting time.
·Automatic system over-temperature protection, when operating in abnormal condition, over-temperature protection mechanism to automatically cut off the power supply.
·Water full alarm will automatically alarm ( China patent )
·System overload protection, automatic phase sequence protection.
·External drainage tube, continuous drainage.
·Can choose a variety of specifications for digital intelligent control of microcomputer dehumidifier.
·Specific technical parameters see table or user manual.


◎  Series of product specifications, the parameter
Model Function

Dehumidifying capacity

( litre / day)

Air circulation




Gross weight




about area
height m area m2
DH-068B Ultra light statically 0.6 80 70 2.4 245×185×360 2.6 5~10
DH-168B The set humidity automatic defrosting 16 160 380 18 395×340×640 2.6 15~30
DH-268B Digital display, ibid. 26 200 530 20 395×340×640 2.6 25~50
DH-368B Ditto 36 340 530 20 533×403×653 2.6 30~55
DH-588B Ditto 58 520 900 33 533×403×653 2.6 40~60
DH-908B Drainage dehumidifier, ibid. 90 1100 1320 60 542×462×1017 2.6 100~150
DH-1388C LCD ibid. 138 1500 2000 65 548×468×1100 2.6 130~200
DH-1688C Ditto 168 2000 3000 144 700×700×2100 2.6 150~250
DH-1689C Ditto(380V) 168 2000 3000 144 700×700×2100 2.6 150~250
DH-2408C Ditto(380V) 168 2800 5500 170 700×700×2100 2.6 250~400
DH-3508C Ditto(380V) 168 3000 7600 250 696×1291×2070 2.6 450~650

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