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  Super Large, medium and small ultrasonic humidifier  
  Humidification machine manufacturing
To create the new revolution of ultrasonic humidification machine
  1、General range  
  The series of ultrasonic humidification machine, widely used in textile, printing, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, food, wood processing, constant temperature and humidity super-clean workshop, hall, house, greenhouse, cultivation, high-tech agriculture and military industry.
  2、Working principle  
        The machine is working principle of the ultrasonic transducer in the super high frequency electromagnetic oscillation source under the action of the water, cavitation, cold water is atomized into molecular state, into fog and air ejected, fusion, achieve the purpose of humidification.This series of products using the company diversified atomization technology patents, patent No.: ZL200720052869.6: ZL200710028634.8, invention patent. The humidifying capacity from 0.5kg to 1000 kg / hour. Mist particle diameters of 0.1-5 microns, humidifying efficiency of close to 100%. Energy minima, spray15 kilograms of cold fog only consumption 1.8 degrees. No noise, no pollution, small size, long life, fast response, from stationary state to produce rated wetting time of only 0.8 seconds; negative ion, air purification; automatic humidification, automatic constant humidity, automatic water supply, automatic cleaning, automatic control, realizes unattended operation, safe and reliable. The fundamental solution to the traditional ultrasonic humidification machine whitening effect. The technology, be in lead position in the world. The product has been used in more than 300 domestic and foreign enterprises, for the" China quality brand credibility".
  3、Product line  
  1.Specifications, models:  
Model KJS-3.0 KJS-6.0 KJS-10 KJS-15 KJS-20 KJS-30 KJS-50 KJS-200 KJS-1000
Humidifying capacity
3.0 6.0 10 15 20 30 50 200 1000
Mist particle diameters
Less than5
Humidification efficiency 100%
AC220V AC三相380V
Power waste
0.38 0.75 1.2 1.8 2.2 2.9 4.8 20 110
Effective wetting volume
200 390 650 976 1300 1950 3255 1.3 Million 6.5 Million
  4、System diagram  
Installation mode  
1)Humidification machine
2)Power line socket(AC220V)
3)Humidity sensor socket (four core aviation socket )
4)Fuse holder
5)Control panel
6)Host top cover
7)Spray nozzle
8)Humidity sensor
9)The airway tube ( PVC tube, length of less than 3meters, owned )
10)Three ( PVC, owned )
11)The airway tube ( PVC, length of less than 7meters, owned )
12)Elbow ( PVC, owned )
13)Water supply pipe (4, owned )
14)Inlet valve (4, owned )
15)Water filter (10 inch,10U )
16)Inlet hose (4, owned )
17)Drainage tube (6, owned )
18)Drain hose (6, owned )
(2)Inside Central Air-conditioning humidifying instrallation:
A, Centlal space ofingression tank style:
B. go into the large-scale central air conditioner:
5、Integrated ultrasonic transducer
6、“Hongyuan”Licensing ultrasonic humidification machine advantages and characteristics

Advanced technology
1)This product is my company's patented products.   Patent no.:ZL01215159.9    Patent of invention:ZL2007100286348
2)This product adopts multiple atomization technology, the fog particle diameter less than5 microns.
3)The mixture of airway and airway techniques, will be greater than 5micron particle filtering fog, guarantee not to drop, no condensate water.
4)Fast reaction speed, from stationary state to produce rated the amount of humidification, just 0.8 seconds.
5)Automatic control: the product is provided with a humidity sensor and a computer intelligent, automatic humidification, automatic constant humidity, automatic water cleaning, automatic discharge, automatic fault alarm.
6)No noise, no pollution, small volume, long service life.
Large humidifying quantity, high efficiency
1)Humidifying capacity per hour from0.5kg - 1000 kg, products, complete specifications. Is the world's largest ultrasonic humidification humidification machine manufacturer.
2)High humidifying efficiency of more than 98%.
Low operation cost, safe and reliable, the failure rate is low
1)The machine with water filters, using ordinary tap water, similar foreign machines require the use of pure water.
2)Energy consumption is few, produce 15 kilograms of cold fog, only 1.8degrees of electricity.
3)This machine is made of stainless steel material, firm structure, components imported parts.
4)The machine failure rate is extremely low,10000 hours to reach the 1 following.
First-class products, first-class service, first-class reputation
1)The company provides: equipment manufacturing, installation, training, full-service repair. Repair for one year, life-long repair.
2)The product of Chinese quality brand credibility.
3)Guangdong Hongyuan Group is a listed company, the credibility of a reliable.
4)This product has been in more than 1500 domestic and international use.

7、Project example

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