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  Drop proof frequency ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification machine  
  Humidification machine manufacturing
Create a super high pressure humidification new revolution
  1、General range  
  Widely used in textile, printing, electronic, chemical, plastic, leather, tobacco, constant temperature and humidity workshop, spray landscape, high-tech agriculture and military industry.  
  2、Working principle  
     Ultra high pressure micro-mist humidification machine is the company and Tsinghua University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology jointly developed high-tech products, the United States of america. And the only access to the national patent. Patent No.: ZL2007200532738, ZL201010605323.5.The principle is: the fine filter tap water or soft water after ultra high pressure pump pressure to 80-150kg / cm2, and then through the high pressure pipeline into the needs of wetting the space; and then through a 0.1 mm aperture" ultra fine" nozzle atomization to produce 0.5-10micron cold fog ejection, the mist particles quickly attract air latent heat, continued refinement to achieve molecular state, and air space fusion, thereby increasing the space humidity and cooling purposes.Configuration of chillers, cooling effect is better.  
  3、Product series  

Frequency conversion high pressure micro-mist humidification machine
Frequency conversion high pressure micro-mist humidification machine patent
National high and new technology enterprises
  2.Specifications and parameters  
Reference number Model
BPGH-500kg/h BPGH-600kg/h BPGH-720kg/h BPGH-900kg/h BPGH-1200kg/h
Effective humidification (kg/h) 500 600 720 900 1200
Is space humidification (m3) 10000以下 9000~12000 11000~13000 11000~17000 16000~24000
Electric pressure (V) AC380V 50Hz
Power consumption (kw) 2.2 3.7
The number of nozzles (a) 20~128 20~156 20~188 30~230 40~300
Dimensions (mm) 1000×880×1280
Weight (kg) 198 198 198 218 245
Note: the number of nozzles for humidification space size and configuration, the model is related.
  4、Anti-drip inverter system diagram  
  1.The anti-drip frequency ultra-high pressure micro-mist humidifier cool machine system composed of block diagram  
(1)Inlet valve   (2)Water filters    (3)Humidifier host   (4)Computer multiple wet controller      (5)Pressure control valve (electric or manual)   (6)Nozzle     (7)High-pressure three direct links, Stone    (8)High-pressure pipe    (9)Plastic package wire rope  
(10)Temperature and humidity sensor   (11)Chiller (optional)    (12)Ion water softeners
(13)High-pressure check valve   (14)High-voltage electric valve sewage system
  2.Installation Diagram  
  (1)Inlet valve   (2)Water filters   (3)Humidifier host   (4)Distribution box   (5)Nozzle      (6)Tee, cross   (7)High-pressure pipe  
(8Plastic package wire rope   (9)Temperature and humidity sensor    (10)High pressure control valve
  5、Humidification cooling effect  
  1、Designate any season throughout the year to ensure that the indoor humidity of 70 ± 5% RH (30-90% random).
2、Fog particles 0.1-10 microns in diameter, does not drip, does not condensate.
3、Humidification efficiency of 100%.
4、Indoor cooling to 3-5 ° C; plus chillers and exhaust fan, the indoor cooling of 5-8°C.
5、2.8 m above the ground space, not a result of the humidifying fog light and sight.
6、In addition to static, in addition to fly, in addition to cotton. Increase strength of cotton yarn, yarn for improved CV value or to improve the printing quality.
7、To improve the working environment, fresh, clean.
  6、Features and advantages  
1、Using frequency conversion technology, low power consumption, small noise, so that the high pressure pump wear small, long life2-3 times.
2、Large humidifying quantity; each humidification machine can meet the requirements of10000-24000m3 room humidifier.
3、Energy saving; do not need air compressor, the total power consumption is less than 2.5kW, for air compressor gas water type and centrifugal type1/20 of energy consumption.
4、Humidity uniformity.
5、Full automatic control, without people on duty.
6、Stable and reliable, long life. Host components are all imported, life of over 5years.
7、A high pressure one-way valve and high pressure solenoid valve of an automatic drainage system. Not to scale, no blockage, does not stink, do not drop
7、The host and main component, component properties
(1)High pressure pump: high voltage ceramic plunger pump, made in USA, Italy.
Pressure:150kg/cm2 ,Flow of 8 litres per minute,10 liters,15 liters,20 liters.
(2)Motor: origin of Siemens ( pump integration made in USA, Italy).
(3)High pressure electromagnetic valve, pressure regulating valve, the United States of Italy: origin.
(4)Full digital computer screen control : setting the humidification state, automatic humidification, humidification and humidification send Chong-style continuous two status. Spray time automatic tracking indoor humidity difference. Automatic water supply, automatic blowdown.
(5)Humidity control precision of 3%RH
(6)Circulation water tank0.6m3 stainless steel.
2、High pressure nozzle:
Titanium alloy, ceramic nozzle nozzle. Jet : less than 0.1mm, with a pressure limiting42kg / cm2 below do not spray, ensure that the fog particle diameter less than 10 microns.
3、High pressure pipe:
Two brass,1)2)304 stainless steel tube. Breakdown voltage 200kg / cm2.
4、High pressure three:
Four links, five links Elbow for copper, breakdown voltage 200kg / cm2.
5、Water chiller:
3HP,5HP,10HP ( optional), Hitachi or Daikin cooling pump.
6、Frequency converter:RiBo
7、High pressure one-way valve:Origin: Hongyuan Electrical
8、Variable flow ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification nozzle:
Origin: Hongyuan Electrical


The host digital control panel
High pressure nozzle, three links, four links ( copper ), a high pressure nozzle
Check spray effect
Four to the spray effect
Variable flow ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification nozzle chart  
8、First-class products, first-class service, first-class reputation
1、This product is my company and the United States of America Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University jointly developed, already obtained national patent, patent number: ZL2007200532738ZL / ZL201010605323.8. Domestic and foreign advanced technology.
2、The product has been in more than 800 domestic companies, as the" Chinese quality brand credibility".
3、Guangdong Hongyuan Group is a listed company, the credibility of a reliable. The company provides equipment manufacturing, installation, training, such as full-service repair. Repair for one year, life-long repair.
4、The company as a "national high-tech enterprises"," China industrial humidification machine R & D and production of leading enterprises" has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification.
  9、Hongyuan - China: engineering examples  

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