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  Variable flow ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification nozzle  
  Humidification machine manufacturing
Create variable flow ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification nozzle new revolution
  1、General range  
  Variable flow ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification nozzle, widely used in textile, printing, low plant electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, tobacco, food, wood processing, constant temperature and humidity super-clean workshop, hall, house, greenhouse, cultivation, high-tech agriculture and military industry.  
  2、Working principle  
       At present the domestic and foreign ultra high-pressure micro-mist humidification machine used by the nozzle, are fixed flow, spray distance is long and spray volume size cannot be changed. In the low plant to use, easy to cause the ground water equipment dew, fog around the phenomenon of man. The company's new research and development of variable flow super high pressure micro-mist nozzle jet flow, according to the theory of special design of high pressure guide groove shape and deep. Spray cap spray cavity space shape, high pressure rubber seal chart thickness, adjustable spray cap can change the amount of spray elastic ( flow ), size, length, spray fog particle diameter size of the spray volume ( flow ),0.1-2.6kg / h. Spray length in a 0.3-1.5meter range is adjustable and controllable. Completely overcome the constant flow high pressure micro-mist nozzle defects. Has been declared a national invention patent.
  3、Product series  
  1.The appearance of the product graph  
  2.Product specifications and parameters  
Model Orifice diameter Interface thread Variable flow range
BGT-0# 0.08 ZG1/8 ANSI 0.1-1.6
BGT-1# 0.12 ZG1/8 ANSI 0.2-2.4
BGTX-0# 0.08 UNC10-24 ANSI 0.1-1.6
BGTX-1# 0.12 UNC10-24 ANSI 0.2-2.6
  4、Advantages and characteristics  
  1.The products my company is the development of new products, has been declared national invention patents.
2.This product extends the super high-pressure micro-mist humidification machine use range, applicable to low plant, purifying workshop, office, lab, large area venues humidification cooling using.
3.Humidification, good cooling effect, saving energy,
4.This product flow in 0.1-2.6kg / h range adjustment; spraying distance can be adjusted in the range of0.3-1.5M.
  5、Engineering case  
  1.TCL LCD industry map
TCL Factory   TCL Workshop nozzle
  2.Kunlun Mountains mineral water limited company
3.Jiangxi Xinfeng Agricultural Development Company Limited storage

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