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Pressure micro-mist humidification machine
Ultrasonic humidification machine
Humidifying air conditioner
Humidifying nozzle
Electrode type humidifier
Humidification cooling system
Central air conditioners
  Ultra high pressure dry fog humidifying air conditioner  
  Humidification machine manufacturing
To create high-pressure micro-mist wet membrane machine for the new revolution
  1、Scope of application  
  Apply to electronic, print, the low house textile, pharmaceutical, tobacco, food, clean workshop, hall, greenhouse, planting, breeding, high-tech agriculture and military engineering  
  2、Working principle  
       The equipment is composed of high-pressure micro-mist nozzle array, wet film, low noise and strong wind machine, microcomputer control system and machine parts. Its principle is that: a plurality of high-pressure micro-mist nozzle high-pressure plunger pump birth75-90kg / cm2high-pressure water atomization, to produce the 0.1-10micron fine mist, by the fan blows to the wet film, of less than 3 microns in the fog particle through the wet film is fed into the space to humidification; greater than 3 micron particle by fog wet film block, on the wet film into the water, and was fan wind evaporation into space to humidification. Water evaporates to absorb air latent heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling. Sink the water to catch by Jan pumps the pump to the ceiling into the drainage ditch.
  3、Product series  
  1.The appearance of the product graph  
  2.Specifications, parameters  
Model CGGJ-180kg/h CGGJ-150kg/h CGGJ-120kg/h
Humidification(kg/h) 180 150 120
Refrigeration kcae/h 116100 96250 77400
Voltage(v) AC380 AC380 AC380
Power waste(kw) 0.8 0.75 0.55
Heating volume 
4000 3300 2600
  4、Advantages and characteristics  
  1.The products my company is the development of new products, patents of invention:ZL200910189180.1
2.This product is suitable for low humidification and cooling plant.
3.Does not need to be in space cloth tube and fabric of high pressure nozzle, spray particle does not fall in the workpiece equipment.
4.To avoid the air conditioning machine building and wind cloth head caused by condensate, water dripping phenomenon.
5.Beautiful appearance, low noise, the residual water automatically flows into the sewage
6.Full automatic control, low energy consumption, high humidifying efficiency.
  5、Engineering case  
Taiwan induced computer SMT humidification plant cooling   Taiwan refined into a computer SMT humidification plant cooling

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